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In a world dominated by social media statuses and live video feeds, there is a generation trying to make sense of their purpose and destiny. They find themselves walking in the crowded hallways of academia comparing themselves, battling issues of low self-esteem, and a lack of self-confidence. Many of these individuals are highly impacted by the adversity their families face on a daily basis. From poverty to divorce and many other challenges in between. Yet society still places an expectation of academic and life success upon these young people.

What happens when they don't see the light at the end of the tunnel? What happens when their environment is to much to overcome? What happens when their support network is non existent? What happens when students lack the type of support they need and deserve? DeMarquis Battle has dedicated himself to equipping millennials and generation Z with transformative tools needed to address these challenges. He gives a clear and concise message that every individual has a purpose and destiny that is worth living for. He shares relevant and cutting edge presentations that inspire, motivate, and activate his audience for next level leadership and life success. Let DeMarquis be the spark plug for next level results in your students, in your classroom, and in your organization.

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